Chapter 4 by Cindy

Chapter Four by Cindy
When Rebecca called David and Stanley “Way Downtheres In The Toilet Forevers,” she did not think that there are real “Way Downtheres,” way down there.
Way down there under even the Downtheres is a town just like the one the Uptheres live in. Well, except for the fact that it is black. It is so black that when you look at it, it looks like someone spray painted the whole town, every door, every window, everything.
“That was so impolite of them!” a women squealed. She was The Queen (TQ). She ruled the Way Downtheres Backtheres and the Way Downthere Outtheres as well as the Upstairs and Downstairs… She was just like TB.
“To accomplish my goal, of completely destroying the Uptheres, I will interfere the next move the Uptheres make on the Downtheres! Ha ha ha ha… After all, The Queen always beats The Boss, right?”
“Yes, ma’m.” The Way Downtheres answered automatically. TQ had never done anything better than TB, except with training people. David and Stanley’s reaction toward the “purple button” already showed TB as a failure in being a trainer. Unlike TB, TQ’s people follow her commands and hers only. They are taught to do nothing but fight against the Uptheres, even though the Uptheres don’t even know of their existence.
“Notify me of any action taken by the Uptheres.” With these words, TQ walked into her office, shutting the door loudly behind her. Seeing her gone, all the Downtheres signed with relieve. Suddenly TQ appeared from that very door again, screaming to her people, “And NO SLACKING OFF!” As she closed the door again, she was really gone.
None of the Downtheres had wanted to see her very soon, but they had to. As they watched their screens monitoring the Uptheres, they see two men wearing blue baseball caps and glasses panicking, huddled over an oversized purple button. If they did not report this situation, it would be called a typical “know-and-not-tell” situation, short as KANT. Before long, TQ ran out still with a purple nail polish in one hand and a wet towel in the other. Observant people would also see her toenail still wet, with half of her big toe painted purple.
“What happened?” She screeched, but was quickly silenced by the screen. Her face turned into a smile as she sees two people pressing down the forbidden button.
“This is a perfect chance!” She thought aloud while organization the interference she was about to create for these young boys. As the soul transfer started, she pressed down on the hidden duck button on a table and… BOOM! A duck flew out the window, up and up and up…


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