Chapter 4 by Dianna

Chapter 4  by Dianna
“Are you Moose?” the boy repeated, his inquiry directed at the duck standing still in the middle of the road.
The duck stared dumbfounded at the boy who’d just saved him from an untimely demise by squirrel. The duck tilted his head to the side, trying to figure out who the boy reminded him of. The bird-like eyes, the long skinny sideburns, the sticky-outy-ears. Aha. Roger. The wimp.
Moose, for indeed it was he, advanced on Roger. “I didn’t need saving, I was just about to pulverize—” he got cut off as he fell flat on his face, unused to his large, webbed feet.
Roger was able to, if just barely, decipher what Moose was saying. He felt disappointed that even duck-Moose refused to treat him with respect, but wasn’t at all surprised at his attitude. “Okay then, if you don’t need help, I’ll just be going.”
Moose got up, and massaged, or attempted to massage, his face with his feathery wing. He thought for a second. If he didn’t get out of this stupid duck body, he’d never be able to live his life again. He’d never be able to punch nerds’ faces in. And more importantly, he’d never get his cool clothes back. I can’t let that happen, he thought. So, in an act of pure desperation, he called out to Tweety’s receding back. “Wait, come back!”
Roger turned around and saw Moose waddling towards him as fast as he could. “Hey, twerp, you’ve got to help me get my body back. Here’s the deal,” Moose furrowed his nonexistent duck-eyebrows in thought. “If you help me, I’ll… never… bully you again.” Moose had to drag these last words out, and immediately regretted them when he saw a huge grin split across Roger’s face.
Roger was in an unfamiliar position. He’d always had Moose chasing after him to beat him up. But now Moose was begging for help. Roger decided he rather liked this change; he was more in control. Obviously, Roger thought, if he’s a duck, he can’t pick on me. Maybe I should just leave him as he is. It might do him some good, too. But Roger wasn’t that cruel a person. “Okay, what do you want me to do?”
“Does it look like I know!?” Moose squawked.
Roger frowned. “I have to go to the library to check out a couple books for my science project. Afterwards, we can work something out.
“What!? I’m not going into a stupid library!”
“I’m sure they wouldn’t want you there anyway,” muttered Roger. Out loud, he said, “Okay then, you can wait outside. I’ll meet up with you in an hour. Don’t get into any kind of trouble.”
Roger trotted off, the duck following close behind. Moose stopped in his tracks when he came to the library. No way was he going into that nerd-nest. A much better use of his time, he decided, would be to find a duck pond. Maybe the ducks there would know what to do.
Luckily, there was a small pond right next to the library playground. What Moose saw boosted his confidence. There were several ducks there, their heads submerged in the water, their feathery white butts sticking up in the air. He snickered and waddled into the water.
The closest duck, noticing an extra pair of webbed feet swishing through the water, surfaced. He narrowed his eyes. “What?” he quacked menacingly, if that was possible. The other ducks straightened up as well.
Moose, regaining his superior tone, said, “Hey you, ducks! I’m human. That’s right, human! Some kind of freaky thing turned me into a duck. D’you know how I’d get my body back?”
“Really, now?” replied the lead duck skeptically, ignoring Moose’s question.
Another swam up to Moose. “Aww, did the widdle ducky-wucky have a nightmare?” He smirked.
Moose had a bad feeling about this. For one, they outnumbered him, four to one. Second, they seemed a lot more… bigger than he was. Third, their intimidating formation suggested that they were going to attack him. But they wouldn’t do that, would they? What’d he done to them? Besides, it wasn’t as if he’d been mean to anyone in his life.
“Oookay then…” Moose’s voice faltered. “I’ll just be leaving then….”
“Already?” the lead duck smiled evilly. “Doesn’t the widdle ducky want to play?”


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