Chapter 4 by Harri

Chapter Four by Harri
So I guess we are back to where we started from; a duck surrounded by five dark brown-spotted, gray, snapping squirrels. The only difference is now you know all about the confusing Uptheres Outtheres Backtheres Downstairs Upstairs stuff, also Moose and Roger and hopefully this is maybe making sense…..but if it’s not lets continue.
He was yelling and waving his arms, trying to shoo the squirrels away. “Get out of here. Git! Git!” His voice cracked half way through the sentence. The squirrels scattered.
The duck lifted his head and stared up at the boy. “I didn’t need you to help me. I was doing perfectly fine without you.”
“Didn’t look that way to me,” the boy said, “The squirrels were just about to …” There was a brief pause, and in a voice that could have shattered glass, he yelled “A talking duck?!”
“Duck?” the duck yelled back (well, it sounded like “duck,” maybe it was “AAWWWKKK!”)
“You sound like Moose?” the boy answered.
“That’s because I am Moose!” Moose replied in an annoyed tone.
“But you are a duck?” the boy replied confused this time.
“And you are Roger! AHHHHH!” shouted Moose who was now extremely annoyed.
The conversation between Roger and a talking duck continued being watched from a very large gray and white two-story building where David and Stanley were weeping in fear because of the Boss who was now standing right behind them. The look on his face showed extremely clearly made David and Stanley know that they were going to be “Way Downthers in The Toilet Forevers.”


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