Chapter 4 by Jacob

Chapter 4 by Jacob
It was peaceful and quiet. The grass was drifting above the ground along with the wind. The duck stood there and looked around; turning his head sideways to see what was going on around him. Five dark brown-spotted gray snapping squirrels were advancing towards him. The duck (still thinking that he was a boy) looked around with his duck-vision thought of how he could escape from this little trap. The duck wobbled, rocking from one side to another like a seesaw tried to keep his balance. His mind just wouldn’t understand that he evolved.
The squirrels were closing up on him. The duck started to panic. He was hopping around with his webbed feet and was flapping his wings. The squirrels suddenly grew bigger, their growth was getting faster. About two minutes later, the 5 squirrels were about three times the size of the duck. “MOOSE!” said a voice from nowhere. “MOOSE!” the voice echoed. The duck wanted to reply, but then realized that his voice was gone. He yelled as loudly as he could and…“Quack”. That was the only word that came out of his floppy mouth.

The squirrels heard the voice and thought that a war was coming. They jumped and shrinked down to their normal size. The duck froze there in awe, wondering if that was a dream…

A little midget, about 4 feet tall appeared out from the woods and walked up to the duck in a penguin manner, looked at him, waited for about five seconds, and said… “alo”. (Hallo with a silent h)

The boy said “come with me, isn’t it cold out here?” the boy allowed the duck to his house. How awkward…

The duck mysteriously understood everything the boy said. The duck knew exactly what the boy was going to do because the boy was mumbling to himself all the time. The boy pulled out a twenty by twenty by thirty chocolate bar and started scrapping the edges off to have just a small nibble.

The duck got up and jumped a bit. He looked as if he wanted a little something. The boy anticipated that the duck wanted something to eat, so the boy went to the fridge and got out a big packet of marshmallows. The duck seemed quite happy with the marshmallows. Well they tasted nice at least…

The boy felt tired and went to sleep. He snored soundly and didn’t move an inch. The duck had by then finished the whole packet of marshmallows. He went back to his usually self again, you can call him Maxwell now. He has moles all over his face and his hair is all fuzzy. He had a red and white stripe shirt and blue jean material overalls. The “duck” went to wake the boy up and…

The boy woke up. His eyes stared wide open in both amazement and fear. The eyes were positioned that they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“What the bloody……” and he fainted…


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