Chapter 4 by Jenny

Chapter 4 by Jenny
“Uh, Moose… why are you a duck?” asked Roger.
Moose answered angrily, “I don’t know Tweety; I was chasing you and all of the sudden I find myself here surrounded by killer squirrels as a duck!”

Still up in the clouds, Stanley and David were pushing random buttons on their computer and screaming at each other. “Why did you tell me to push the purple button!?” asked David.
“Well, it’s your computer; you were the one who pushed it!” Stanley yelled back.
David was already pulling on his ear, as nervous as he had ever been. “I think we’re going to lose our jobs and will be stuck as up-theres out-theres down-stairs forever!” they panicked in unison.
At that moment, The Boss walks in with a worried look on his face. “Did someone push a purple button?” he asked trying to keep calm. David covered up his computer which had crashed since he pushed the purple button. Everyone all said, ‘no’ nervously. There was a moment of silence…
“Then why did Maxwell turn into a goose!?” boomed The Boss.
“That kid,” David’s shaky voice whispered to Stanley, “turned into a duck.”
Stanley whispered back annoyed, “That’s what The Boss just said!” Everyone was already whispering to their neighbors worrying and blaming that person who turned Moose into a duck.
All of the sudden, the boss boomed again, “If that person who pushed the purple button doesn’t get up and admit it right now, all of you will remain up-theres out-theres down-stairs forever!” Gasps were heard all around the room.
“Should I admit that it was me who pushed the purple button?” David asked Stanley.
“Well, yeah! I don’t want to remain up-theres out-theres down-stairs forever!” replied Stanley selfishly.
David slowly stood up, his legs already shaking and his face pale. “Uh, Boss? I, uh, I, uh,” Roger stumbled.
“Would you just say what you’ve got to say? I don’t have all day!” The Boss boomed.
“I pushed the purple button,” David whispered.
The Boss’ face was turning red with angry, looking like he was about to explode, “You pushed the purple button!? You pushed the purple button!? I’ll see you in my office in five minutes,” The Boss said.
“Okay, I’m dead, I’m going to lose my job and my head!” cried David. There was a moment of silence.
*KABOOM* David’s computer exploded.
“Error, Error, Error. There has been a technical error,” the computer announced.

“Whoa, did the ground just shake?” asked Roger.
“Earthquake?” replied Moose who was checking out his new found ability to fly over fences and rooftops.
“Moose, we need to get someone, you are A DUCK,” Roger emphasized.
“Well then get someone Tweety! Do you think I’m going to walk into a police station and start telling my story? I would never get to the end of it anyways because people would faint when they see a talking duck!” Moose answered angrily, “When I turn back into my human form, your ugly face will look a lot better.” Roger shivered and quickly ran off to get some help.

“Oh no,” David cried, “not my computer! Now The Boss is going to really kill me.”
“David, please come into The Boss’ office this instance. Please come into The Boss’ office this instance a machine announced.
“Okay,” David began, “well Stanley, you have been a wonderful friend. If I don’t come back tell my family and friends that I love them and…”
“Would you just go?” asked Stanley in an irritated voice. David made a puppy face and slowly walked away.
“Hello David, how are you today?” asked The Boss, “Now tell me your side of the story first.”
“Good afternoon Boss. Well I did exactly what you asked for, I called your office but your line was busy and that kid, Moose, was seconds away from being run over by a truck so I pushed the purple button,” David began, “After I pushed the purple button, my computer asked me a few questions and before I knew it, my computer crashed and you, sir, came in and told us that he turned into a duck!”


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