Chapter 4 by Julie

Chapter 4 by Julie
At the screen which Stanley and David were watching, there was a duck surrounded by five dark brown-spotted gray snapping squirrels.
At the moment, David was worried about the poor little boy who was about to get hit by a big red moving truck which was running down the street faster than the speed limit.
“Is the boy, I mean the one who was crossing the road and suddenly changed into a duck, going to hit by that truck?”
asked David to himself with concern and worry.
He looked at Stanley to see how he felt but he was gone and had disappeared from the class. David waited for several minutes, he saw Stanley walking and
looking somewhat depressed back into the classroom with Uptheres Backtheres Downstairs Area Principal. He came and started to stare at the monitor screen which David was looking, and there was a long silence. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said:
“There is no possibility that this duck will gonna make it – he will definitely hit by the truck and DIE.”
David was shocked by that short sentence and sighed silently to himself. The Principal was turning around in order to leave the classroom, then the boss of the Uptheres Backtheres Downstairs Area came in angrily with an expression that everyone in the class would had been terrified.
“Which one of you pushed the purple button that I told you not to touch?”
The boss shouted loudly with an angry tone and stared at David and Stanley, and then he said:
“Didn’t you guys talked about not touching the purple button ever before I was called right now?”
the boss said with annoyance. David and Stanley looked at each other silently. Then, Stanley opened his mouth:
“There was a boy who was just about to get hit by a big red truck! First, we decided to call you on the phone but the line was busy, so then, because David and I didn’t want to see the boy crashing into the truck cruelly, we just pushed the purple button together. There was, look, no other way to stop that.”
David kept nodding his head that he agree and to pretend as if himself and Stanley were both innocent – they didn’t do anything wrong. The boss said,
“Do you guys know what your job is? No, I don’t think that you guys know that. LET ME TELL YOU TWO what you are here for! Our job is to make sure that every human living in Uptheres Backtheres is safe! I think I should put you two guys in the lowest class to study more about those and see how you guys are doing. FROM NOW ON! ”
Then, Stanley just interrupted the boss’ speech and asked politely to him:
“Will you give the second chance to two of us? Please sir, we two, me and David, promise you that we will do better in our job and never let those happen again – pushing the purple button, I mean.”


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