Chapter 4 by Karen

Chapter 4 by Karen
Standing there all dizzy, Moose asks himself, “Woah, where am I? And did all of the sudden, the world start shrinking?”
“It’s so…big.”
“YIKES!” He jumps up and shrieks at the top of his lungs.
Right in front of him is the biggest squirrel he has ever seen.
“Oh uh, hi Mr. Squirrel, umm, can you do me one favor?” He hesitates, “Don’t eat me!”
The squirrel stares at him like he was crazy.
Moose thought, “I think he knows what I’m talking about, he understands the human language!”
He looks at the squirrel in disbelief,
“Hmm, I’m tough; I can make you run away so fast, you won’t ever come back. Well, this doesn’t look like it’ll be too much work.”
Before he knows it, out come four more squirrels, and he’s panicking.
“Come on, you can do this Moose, it’s just five squirrels.”
As Moose thinks about what he’s going to do, Tweety appears.
“Oh Tweety, you’re my hero! And you’re so…big.”
“Did I just hear someone say my name?” Tweety looks confused.
“Yes, Tweety, can you hear me? It’s Moose. I know I’ve bullied you, but I’m trapped with five hungry squirrels who want to eat me!”
When Tweety turns around, he sees a duck and five squirrels, “A duck and five squirrels, aww, aren’t you cute little creatures?”
“Tweety it’s me, Moose. And I don’t see a duck anywhere! Are you blind, IT’S ME, MOOSE!”
Tweety looked frustrated, “Moose, Moose, MOOSE! Where is he? Hello? Where’s Moose?”
“I’m Moose, can’t you see? HELLO? Down here.”
As Tweety stared at the duck then at the sky and back at the duck, he asked the duck, “Who are you? And you’re a duck, WHO’S TALKING TO ME! YOU TALK?! TALKING DUCK?! Why do you talk? Or is my mind playing with me again?”
Tweety pulled out a mirror from his pocket, “See? You’re a duck.”
“OH MY GOODNESS, I have yellow skin, I mean fur…and…an orange beak, and webbed feet!
“I am going to kill you for this.” muttered Moose.
“Holy, you are Moose! What happened?”
“How am I supposed to show up to school like this?” questioned Moose
“Don’t go to school?” replied Tweety.
“What have you done to me? For goodness sake, I’m a DUCK.”
“Look, I’ll take you to the doctors, and we can explain everything there.” Tweety offered.
“Are you willing to be a duck forever, or are you coming with me?
“Fine, fine. But if nothing happens, I’m going to kill you.”
As Tweety picked up the duck and head for the doctors, Dave and Stanley quickly hid under the bushes so Tweety and Moose wouldn’t see them.
“Pressing that purple button wasn’t the best idea, Stanley.” Said Dave
“I should’ve never listened to you. I don’t feel so good. It’s all your fault, you told me to press it.”
And right then and there, Stanley thought of the best idea yet.


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