Chapter 4 by Katrina

Chapter Four by Katrina
“Now what?” Stanley asked.
“We shouldn’t have done this! If The Boss finds out… we would be in deep trouble!”
Indeed, Moose was turned into a duck. The bully Moose was surrounded by five dark brown-spotted gray snapping squirrels, being bullied.
Roger turned back, and looked both left and right. He did not see a Moose nearby.
“Phew,” he sighed with relief.
Then, he walked back towards school in slow motion, carefully, but then something had stopped him. He just saw a duck being surrounded by five dark brown-spotted gray snapping squirrels. The duck seemed intimidated. Roger dashed to the spot and shooed the squirrels away.
“I didn’t need your help. I was doing perfectly fine without you,” Moose, or the duck said bluntly, ending his sentence with a loud “quack”.
“It didn’t seem like that to me,” Roger replied.
Then there was silence for a short moment.
“Wait, hold on. A talking duck?!” Roger was confused.
Moose looked at his feet. His multi-colored cool sneakers were gone, now switched with webbed feet.
Moose screamed, “YAAAAAAAAA!”
“You sound like Moose?” Roger asked.
“I am Moose, and I don’t know why I have to look up at a wimp like you, Tweety!” Moose, or the duck answered with great bewilderment.
“Hey, how do you know my name?” Roger asked, thinking that this situation did not make sense.
However, he had no more time to loiter around the buildings, thus he grabbed the duck, put him in his big backpack, and dashed back to school.
Meanwhile, David and Stanley worried about the consequence of turning a 13-year-old Maxwell Thomas Drake III into a duck by pushing the emergency Purple Button instead of informing The Boss about it firsthand.
“What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” David repeated with full of worries.
Stanley replied after a few seconds, “David, listen. Let’s not tell the boss about what we did just now. Let’s just keep it a secret only between you and me so that we won’t get in trouble. Deal?”
Suddenly, Stanley could see David staring at the door, seemingly taken aback.
“So what’s the secret that’s only between you and David?” Rebecca said slyly, entering the room with Eric who had a smirk on his face.
“Uh…” David’s face turned as pale as a ghost, being both worried and afraid that Rebecca and Eric who hate them would find out about what Stanley and he did. Stanley and David stood rooted to the ground.


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