Chapter 4 by Ryan

Chapter 4 by Ryan
And that’s how the story came to be. Moose, stuck in his duck form. Roger, staring with gaping eyes at Moose in his duck form; And Stanley and David, upthere, fretting over what they had done.
“What’cha looking at boy?” questioned Moose.
“Just thinking of how you would taste with some sauce,” murmured Roger.
“What was that?” asked Moose.
“Just saying um… shouldn’t we make haste, to find you’re um… lost steps. Ya, there we go, we need to make haste to find your lost steps,” Roger replied nervously.
Being dyslexic Moose nodded, and Roger breathed a breathe of relief. Then he thought why should I be afraid of him? I mean, he’s a duck, and I’m a boy, he should be afraid of me.
“So, where to-”
But Roger never got to finish his sentence. Because a bush started to rustle, then Roger fainted from Rustlphobia.
“Great,” thought Moose “Right when I need him he faints from a little bush”
Suddenly a big figure leaped from within the bush and landed on Rogers’s chubby body.


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