Chapter 4 by Tracey

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Chapter 4 by Tracey
“Oh no,” thought Roger.  A million thoughts were running in his head at the moment.
“Is he going to die?  Am I going to be in trouble?”  Those were just a few of the countless ideas he had in his mind.  The few seconds before the collision seemed to last a lifetime.  Daring not to look, Roger decides to turn his head away and close his eyes.  Preparing for the bloodshed, Roger opens his eyes.  Hold on a second…something is missing.  Where was Moose?  He was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, all that was in place was a large, plump duck.
“What’s going on?” he thought to himself.  Was Moose the duck?  No, that couldn’t be possible…could it?  The duck seemed to be intimidated by the squirrels, as if they were about to fight.  Should I help him?  Roger knew that he should go over there to help him, but he couldn’t deny that there was a brief moment of delight in seeing the bully get bullied.  As he ran over there, the duck began making quacking noises, ending with a loud, “YAAAAAAAA!!!!!”
Reaching to the middle of the road, Roger began shooing all the squirrels away.  “Get out of here.  Git, Git,” he yelled as the squirrels ran away.
“I didn’t need you to help me.  I was doing perfectly fine without you,” the duck replied promptly.  Yeah right, thought Roger.  They both knew that if Roger didn’t come, then the duck would have been a goner.
“Didn’t look that way to me,” said Roger, “The squirrels were just about to…”  Roger cut off midsentence thinking, wait a minute, did the duck just talk?
Answering his own question, Roger yelled at the top of his lungs, “A talking duck?!”
“Duck?” yelled the duck, seemingly just as surprised as Roger for being a duck.
“What happened?  And I’m not a duck!!!!!  I’m Moose,” yelled the duck, I mean, err Moose.
“Yeah, you are a duck,” was the only reply Roger could think of.
“How did this happen?” Moose asked again.
“I don’t know.”
“Well, you have to help me,” yelled Moose.
“Why?” asked Roger.  After all the times that Moose has humiliated him, it felt…well, in a simple word…good.  It felt good to finally be able to get Moose back.
“Help me, or else I’ll beat you up again,” yelled Moose, trying to threaten Roger.  But the threat seemed to run short, as Roger began turning back to school.  “Wait!” screamed Moose, “Come back.  Please?!  I won’t beat you up again, I promise.”  Thinking of the suggestion made Roger pause from walking.  Seeing the opportunity, Moose restated what he said, “I promise.  Never ever ever will I beat you up again.  In fact, I’ll even help protect you from other bullies.”  Whoa, stop talking before you get carried away, thought Moose.
Roger thought about it for a minute.  “Okay,” he replied as he went to get Moose from the street.
Almost as soon as it happened, the loudspeaker sounded, saying, “Stanley and David, please come to the Boss’s office now, Stanley and David.”  All the other workers turned and stared at them, waiting to see what mistake they had made.  Rebecca and Eric were trying to stifle their laughter as Stanley and David walked passed them, straight into the boss’s office, waiting for their punishment.


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